The Passion of the Body is in the Blood

Nefesh is a complex Hebrew word with many meanings such as soul, life spirit and breath. It also defined as the basis or precursor animated life. Founder, Dr. Stephen Wilson, interprets the meaning of Nefesh as: “The passion of the body is in the blood.”

The Nefesh Philosophy was founded on the principle that with the right information, nutrition, physical movement and a bit of discipline you CAN live a significantly healthier life. Old beliefs about aging, disease, and performance start to lose relevance as true health is achieved. True health can only occur when the body is in balance and operating efficiently thus creating harmony among all human systems, including body, mind and soul. Only when this state is achieved can we begin to live at our full potential and operate in a state of Peak Performance.

How It Works

The Human Body is a complex and highly organized machine. And like all machines, there are certain fundamental principles by which it functions and functions optimally. In many bodies today there seems to be a gap between just functioning and functioning at our highest potential.

What we are missing is the key to optimal human functioning – ATP. When combined with oxygen, the energy stored in ATP is released and powers the machine.

ATP is needed for ALL metabolic functions in every cell in your body. And there are trillions of these ATP energy releases needed every second in every cell of your body for you to function optimally.

The good news is that ATP can be produced and recharge through proper molecular nutrition. These key nutrients are the platform for ATP production and optimal human performance.

Welcome to Nefesh, a dietary supplement that supplies key nutrients needed for ATP production. Make Nefesh the platform of your nutritional program.

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