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How It Works

The Human Body is a complex and highly organized machine. And like all machines, there are certain fundamental principles by which it functions and functions optimally. In many bodies today there seems to be a gap between just functioning and functioning at our highest potential. What we are missing are the key to optimal human functioning - ATP. When combined with oxygen, the energy stored in [...]

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The Passion of the Body is in the Blood Nefesh is a complex Hebrew word with many meanings such as soul, life spirit and breath. It also defined as the basis or precursor animated life. Founder, Dr. Stephen Wilson, interprets the meaning of Nefesh as: “The passion of the body is in the blood.” The [...]


Dons Testimonial

I have had high blood pressure for several years usually about 155+ over 80+.  I was introduced to Nafesh a couple of months ago and the last three visits to my Doctor my blood pressure was under 135  over 80+.  –Don

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Larry’s Testimonial

Amazing product! After taking Nefesh my blood pressure went from 165/87 to 144/79 in only 2 weeks. In six months my reading was 123/67. This happened with no drastic lifestyle changes. I have more energy and endurance while walking 18 holes of golf and during my hiking. So thankful to have this wonderful supplement. – [...]

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Cat’s Testimonial

My job often requires me to work extremely long hours with high physical demands. I often used so-called energy drinks to keep the pace. After including Nefesh in my daily supplement routine, I have experienced a notable improvement in my sustained energy levels. I can’t remember the last time I pounded an energy drink. I just [...]

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