Nutrition is not a THEORY

The Beginning Of The End Of The War On Medicine    By Charles K. Bens, PhD   Health is not a THEORY.  Health is not an accident.  Health is a discipline that pays dividends for ever.   In the late 1970s and early 1980s there was also a movement to show that the brain and [...]

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How It Works

The Human Body is a complex and highly organized machine. And like all machines, there are certain fundamental principles by which it functions and functions optimally. In many bodies today there seems to be a gap between just functioning and functioning at our highest potential. What we are missing are the key to optimal human functioning - ATP. When combined with oxygen, the energy stored in [...]

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The Passion of the Body is in the Blood Nefesh is a complex Hebrew word with many meanings such as soul, life spirit and breath. It also defined as the basis or precursor animated life. Founder, Dr. Stephen Wilson, interprets the meaning of Nefesh as: “The passion of the body is in the blood.” The [...]