The Beginning Of The End Of The War On Medicine    By Charles K. Bens, PhD


Health is not a THEORY.  Health is not an accident.  Health is a discipline that pays dividends for ever.


In the late 1970s and early 1980s there was also a movement to show that the brain and the body actually worked together for the benefit of the whole person. This flew directly in the face of over 400 years of traditional medical thinking, which started when French philosopher Rene Descartes declared that the human brain was totally separate and not relevant to the health of the human body. Accessed January 6, 2015 Many doctors have since disproved this theory and clearly established the connection between mind and body.

The percentage of our GDP allocated to healthcare expenditures is gradually increasing; it was 5.2% in 1960C.R., Electronic Payments in Healthcare (2011) and is estimated to reach nearly 20% by 2021.: Accessed January 6, 2015.

About 95% of every healthcare dollar is spent on treatment and less than 5% on prevention,


The book Nutritional Medicine has over 15,000 scientific references proving that healthy foods and nutritional supplements can prevent, and often reverse, nearly every chronic disease.The Natural Pharmacy. Three Rivers Press. New York, 2006

Conventional medicine’s house of cards is about to begin its big fall from grace with the recent announcement that the prestigious Cleveland Clinic is going “functional.” President and CEO of the Cleveland Clinic Dr. Delos “Toby” Cosgrove recently announced a number of significant actions including:“Functional.” Holistic Primary Care. 2014:15(3):1.  

This is the most significant push in the holistic direction by any mainstream health care network in the United States and much of the credit must go to Dr. Mark Hyman, who met with Dr. Cosgrove several times over the past two years. Dr. Hyman is the Chairman of the Board of The Institute of Functional Medicine and one of the true leaders in the functional medicine movement.

This dire pronouncement about conventional medicine is a very similar to a statement Dr. Hyman made at a US Senate hearing on health care a few years ago when he said:


“You will not solve the current healthcare crisis if you simply continue to do the wrong things better.”